COMING SOON: Feature Film (drama/fantasy)

Silent Life

A documentary crew encounters a mysterious and taciturn woman clad in all black (Moore) during the Rudolph Valentino memorial service at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. They try to reveal the truth behind the legend: was she really the last love of the silent screen idol. Her story takes us back to 1920's.

Silent Life Trailer

Mid-length Short Film, 2019 - 40 min (drama, black comedy)

The Killers

Paolo is dying of cancer. His grandson Max, an attorney for anti-aging companies and a devoted transhumanist, wants to cryogenically freeze his grandfather's head, so that he can be reanimated in the future. Max's mother, an alcoholic, wandering Catholic, rises up against it. A family crisis breaks out...

The Killers Trailer

COMING SOON: Feature Documentary (drama)

American Superman

Chris was disowned by his father and grew up in orphanages. He has been working as a costume character of Hollywood Superman on the Walk of Fame for 25 years. Haunted by the inner demons of his past, Chris spirals into homelessness and the only straw he can grasp at is his image of a superhero. 

American Superman Trailer

Short Film, 2019 - 10 min (drama/cinema verite)


After performing at a South Bay comedy club, famous comedian Paul drives to the Golden Gate Bridge to jump off it. On the bridge Paul notices a special telephone for suicide prevention, which says “PUSH FOR HELP”. He decides to give life one last chance. 

Revelation Trailer