Vladislav Kozlov is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. 

At the age of three, Vlad began stuttering so heavily that he could barely speak. His parents wanted their son to have a quiet career of an office lawyer, who would work with papers and wouldn't have to talk to people much. But Vlad, an artist at heart, secretly started taking theater acting and directing lessons. The acting lessons helped to considerably improve his speech. Vlad decided to pursue a creative career and enrolled in one of the world's strongest acting academies MAT (Moscow Arts Theater). Soon after that, he came to America to pursue his dreams of becoming a movie actor.

After several years of working as an extra in Hollywood and being inspired by watching the biggest directors at work, Vlad decided to try his hand in filmmaking and create his own movie. His strong resemblance to Rudolph Valentino, fascination with Old Hollywood and speech problem resulted in a conception of a silent film about his childhood idol Rudolph Valentino. 

In 2006 Vlad directed, co-wrote and produced a 17-minute silent B/W short film "Daydreams of Rudolph Valentino", where he also starred as Rudolph Valentino. The project was funded and supported by Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where Rudolph Valentino is buried. Vladislav also showed considerable producing talent as he convinced a number of vendors and industry professionals to donate their equipment, locations, and services to the project. 

In 2008 Vlad decided to expand his short film project about Rudolph Valentino and over a period of 10 years, it grew into a feature film "Silent Life" starring Isabella Rossellini, Franco Nero, Sherilyn Fenn, Paul Rodriguez, and Terry Moore. 

In August 2019 Vlad won First Prize for Best Director at Rhode Island International Film Festival for his neo-noir short film about cryonics "The Killers". 

Vlad currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Natalia Dar, a producing partner and production designer. 


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